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Meet Dr. Ali and Dr. Sam

Dr. Ali Mohamed and Dr. Sam Ghaznavi are award-winning physicians and thought leaders in integrative medicine, specializing in age management. Their innovative methods combine both Eastern and Western medical practices and aim to proactively treat your whole self — physically, mentally and emotionally — keeping you functional and healthy from the inside out.

As you age, your lifestyle, stress levels, nutrition, and hormone levels can contribute to any number of conditions including infertility, insomnia, and weight gain. While traditional medical solutions have their place and purpose, they may increase undesirable side effects as they are applied in reaction to health issues, not as preventative measures.

Dr. Ali and Dr. Sam are committed to empowering you with the knowledge you need on the vast array of integrative treatment and therapeutic options available. They are more accessible, safer, less invasive and focus on solving root causes, not surface symptoms. With more than four decades of experience treating patients across the globe in prestigious hospitals and private practices, Dr. Ali and Dr. Sam’s game-changing work enables you to age gracefully by remaining active, functional and independent for longer.

Dr. Ali Mohamed

Dr. Ali is an accomplished physician, award-winning researcher, and specialist in age and pain management, based in Bangkok, Thailand and Toronto, Canada. Throughout his career, he has focused on doing what other doctors don’t — uncovering and treating underlying conditions instead of surface-level symptoms to ensure patients can live healthily, even as they age. After training at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in their prestigious fellowship in Interventional Pain Management, Dr. Ali pioneered the launch of the Pain Institute of Texas in 1995, and ten years later, opened The Clinic for Graceful Aging, a leading anti-aging clinic.

Dr. Ali’s approach to healthcare came from his own experience as a patient. A debilitating spinal stroke left Dr. Ali paralyzed from the waist down, and he was forced to relearn how to walk. Committed to a full recovery, Dr. Ali explored every aspect of treatment from the conventional to the cutting-edge to integrative options. He credits his remarkable recovery to a combination of short-term and long-term treatment options across many disciplines and has since adopted his 360 Approach, which he uses with all of his patients and clients. He believes strongly in treating the whole person.

Dr. Sam Ghaznavi

Dr. Sam is a family practice physician, weight loss and age management specialist based in Ontario, Canada. She trained in highly competitive programs at the University of Alberta, Edmonton and McMaster University’s Family Medicine Program. An enterprising young physician, Dr. Sam started her own medical practice after completing her education, focusing on family medicine. As patients flocked to her practice for fertility struggles, weight loss barriers, and postpartum depression, Dr. Sam recognized that these were not just physical symptoms but strong indicators of broader, internal challenges.

For nearly three decades, Dr. Sam has dedicated her time to tackling her patients' health and wellness issues from the source. Her treatment plans include diet, nutrition, prevention, and therapy to help people regain control of their health to feel like themselves once again. In recent years, Dr. Sam has become a sought-after keynote speaker and lecturer, presenting on topics ranging from mental health to groundbreaking anti-aging technologies.

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