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Dr. Ali Mohamed + Dr. Sam Ghaznavi

"The leading team in age management — helping you live healthier every day"

Dr. Ali Mohamed and Dr. Sam Ghaznavi are award-winning physicians and thought leaders in integrative medicine, specializing in age management. Their innovative methods combine both Eastern and Western medical practices and aim to proactively treat your whole self — physically, mentally and emotionally — keeping you functional and healthy from the inside out.

As you age, your lifestyle, stress levels, nutrition, and hormone levels can contribute to any number of conditions including infertility, insomnia, and weight gain. While traditional medical solutions have their place and purpose, they may increase undesirable side effects as they are applied in reaction to health issues, not as preventative measures.

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How We Work


Integrated Health Coaching Program

The Integrated Health Coaching Program takes a long and comprehensive view of your overall health, successfully managing your physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Aging is inevitable, but how you age? That’s up to you. Age management takes a long and comprehensive view of your overall health.

Practice Areas


Conditions We Treat

Our overall philosophy is not to treat symptoms, but the whole you. Our integrative approaches examine everything from your environment, your stress levels, your diet, and your relationships to get to the root of the conditions...


As we age, our bodies adapt, change and require more of us. Even with lifestyle and nutritional adjustments, you can lose nutrients you need to restore your balance, recover faster and feel better.

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